dimanche 31 octobre 2010

outbreak of the Norwalk virus

Nobody wants to talk about it but the secret is out of the golf bag - 30 people got violently ill with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting after the Thanksgiving Day buffet at one of the most prestigious clubs in London - the London Hunt and Country Club. CJBK's Steve Garrison, presenting them with the facts, has forced The London Middlesex Health Unit to confirm the incident. They confirm the outbreak of the Norwalk virus but can't say how it arrived at the club suggesting it could have come from a food handler, a guest, from the food itself, they just don't know. Meanwhile, two restaurants in London where nobody got sick, were forced to put a yellow caution sign in their front window because of mice droppings in the kitchen. They took a hit in the media, the Hunt club escaped any coverage of their incident for roughly 2 weeks until we forced the health unit to confirm the story. Not everything in life is fair. We'll see if the London Free Press now has the moxy to run the Hunt club story.

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