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FoodBorne and waterborne viruses Assays

Those kits (assays) can be used in Food, Health, Environment sectors for testing any type of samples.

The methods used for the detection of foodborne viral infections consist in:

1- an extraction process from several type of matrices :

FOOD: drinking water, process water, pre-cooked and ready-to-eat meals, shellfish, fruits and vegetables, aromatics, swaps
ENVIRONMENT: raw water, sewage plant water, drinking water, surface water, sludge, swaps, air and surface samples
HEALTH: biological samples (blood, urine, stools, tissues), swaps

2- the amplification of the viral extraction control (with real time QRT-PCR):

The French laboratory also developed a GMO non pathogenic extraction control to ensure that the extraction yield is optimum.

3- and the use of the ceeram tool kit for the molecular detection for quantitative one step real time RT-PCR (Retro Transcription, Polymerase Chain Reaction Real time).
These test kits include :

- primers and Taqman probes designed for conserved region of targeted viral genome
- optimization of each test (inclusivity/exclusivity tests, sensitivity, robustness of the assays),
- construction of internal positive control for amplification control,
- construction of specific standard for quantification.

Thanks to these kits, ceeram can test several pathogens:
- VIRUS: Norovirus (GI and GII), Hepatitis A virus, Rotavirus, Adenovirus, Hepatitis E Virus, Enterovirus, Astrovirus, AichiVirus, Circovirus, etc.
- BACTERIA: Brachyspira (pilosicoli, intermedia, hyodysenteriae), etc.
- PARASITES: Cryptosporidium spp., Giardia spp., etc.

In order to perform with the tests, and get the best results, ceeram provides training (approved training centre), support and assistance, as well as R&D for specific development (Approved Research Centre).

Innovations and advantages of the offer

Those kits are:

- easy to perform,
- give reliable results,
- are specific to genotypes detected,
- have an excellent sensitivity,
- are adaptive to most thermocyclers,
- give results in less than 2:30 hours.

ceeramTools Kits can be used in Food, Health, Environment sectors for testing any type of samples.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

Food, Environment and Health.

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