jeudi 22 mars 2012

Hepatitis E, Department of Health,TAIWAN,ROC

Taiwan Health News-Department of Health,TAIWAN,ROC

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP), Hong Kong, announced the occurrence of 27 hepatitis E cases in February 2012 (up to Feb. 21st). This incidence indicated an increase in comparison with the monthly cases (1 to 23 cases) of the past 5 years. Such an increase may have been related to the consumption of raw pig livers or other visceral organs. Although occurrence of acute hepatitis E cases (approximately 10 cases annually) has been rare in Taiwan, 43% of these were imported cases and the majority of the cases had travelled to China before symptoms appeared. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) appeals for the attention of compatriots to exercise vigilant and hygienic practice in separating sets of utensils used when handling raw or cooked food to avoid cross contamination. Additionally, compatriots traveling to Hong Kong or China should avoid consuming raw or undercooked food to reduce the risk of contracting hepatitis E infections.

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