samedi 26 janvier 2013

Food poisoning outbreaks, CDC

During 2009–2010, a total of 1,527 foodborne disease outbreaks (675 in 2009 and 852 in 2010) were reported, resulting in 29,444 cases of illness, 1,184 hospitalizations, and 23 deaths.
Among the 790 outbreaks with a single laboratory-confirmed etiologic agent, norovirus was the most commonly reported, accounting for 42% of outbreaks.
Salmonella was second, accounting for 30% of outbreaks. Among the 225 confirmed Salmonella outbreaks with a serotype reported, Enteritidis was the most common serotype with 76 outbreaks (34%).
Shiga toxin–producing Escherichia coli (STEC) caused 58 confirmed, single-etiology outbreaks, of which 53 were caused by serogroup O157.
Among the 299 outbreaks attributed to a food composed of ingredients from one of 17 predefined, mutually exclusive food commodities, those most often implicated were beef (13%), dairy (12%), fish (12%), and poultry (11%).
The commodities in the 299 outbreaks associated with the most illnesses were eggs (27% of illnesses), beef (11%), and poultry (10%).

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