mardi 27 août 2013

Microbial Source Tracking : determination of a fecal contamination origin

(microbial source tracking)

Ceeram develops Microbial Source Tracking (Bacteriophages and bacteroides) diagnostic PCR ready-to-use Kits.

> Detection & Identification of a fecal contamination

- Human contamination

- Cow Contamination

- Hog Contamination

> Matrices

- Swimming water,

- Irrigation Water,

- Subterranean Water,

- Shellfish Waters,

- Shellfish, Bivalves Molluscians (under development)

> Kits for the determination of a fecal contamination origin

Fecal pollution can have an impact on human health, because of bacteria, virus or parasites, as well as on local businesses, should recreational areas be closed (Directive 2006/7/CE on recreational water) and shellfish waters (Directive 2006/113/CE on shellfish waters).

Microbial Source Tracking method developed by ceeram allows the identification of a fecal contamination origin through the detection of two relevant markers  : bacteriophage ARN F-specific & Bacteroides.

Download our Technical Data Sheets for both KITS

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