mercredi 17 septembre 2014

New South Wales and Hepatitis E Virus : 27 notifications in 2014

Warning about Hepatitis E cases linked with pork liver

Cook to 75°C at the centre of the thickest part for at least two minutes as measured using a digital probe meat thermometer before removing meat from the heat source. Allow livers to rest for at least three minutes before consuming.

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High prevalence of Hepatitis E virus in French domestic pigs

The high prevalence of HEV in pigs and the similarities between HEV subtypes from pigs and humans corroborates the possible zoonotic origin of some HEV autochthonous infections.

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Thermal Inactivation of Infectious Hepatitis E Virus in Experimentally Contaminated Food

Results show that heating the food to an internal temperature of 71°C for 20 min is necessary to completely inactivate HEV. These results are very important for determining processing methods to ensure food safety in regard to food-borne hepatitis E. 

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Effects of treatments used in food processing on viruses

This chapter gives an overview of the effect of different types of food processes (heat, mild food processing and preservation techniques) on foodborne viruses. Inactivation and survival data are presented for the foodborne viruses of major health concern such as Norovirus, hepatitis A virus, hepatitis E virus and avian influenza virus, although the latter is not proven to be foodborne.

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