mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Mussels and Norovirus in 2014 through RASFF

A new alert on norovirus contaminating mussels has been published this month [Dec] on RASFF.

Mussels and Norovirus

Mussels (Mytilus) are accounting for 10% of the contaminated products by foodborne viruses through RASFF 2014. 1 out of 6 was hepatitis A Virus, and 5 out of 6 were noroviruses.

Italy and Spanish mussels

Italy is at the origin of 4 Information for Follow-ups or alerts on Spanish mussels, the first one occurred in Sept. 2014.

Italy and RASFF Alerts

Italy is the leading european country for RASFF virus alerts in 2014, followed by Spain and Portugal. 10 out of 28 EU countries  have been reporting virus (norovirus and hepatitis A Virus) alerts on the RASFF 2014.

Spain, 4th major importer of mussels in EU

France is the major importer of mussels in EU, followed by Italy, Netherlands and Spain (

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