mardi 6 janvier 2015

Foodborne Virus alerts in Europe through RASFF in 2014

RASFF has registered throughout 2014 no less than 61 foodborne virus alerts.

16 direct countries

Products from 16 direct countries, including non European ones, were contaminated with either norovirus or hepatitis A Virus.

Spain and France, among the most implicated EU countries

With respectively 6 and 5 alerts, Spain and France account for 18% for all alerts. At the same time Vietnam and Tunisia sum up 59% of all RASFF foodborne virus alerts.

Italy and Spain, the best foodborne virus RASFF reporters

62% of the posted alerts were originating from Italy (32%) and Spain (30%). 10 out 28 (35%) EU countries have been reporting foodborne virus alerts in 2014.

8 different produces contaminated with foodborne viruses

Clams (57%), Oysters (15%) and Mussels (11%) respectively top the list of the 8 different produces, followed by red fruits.

26 countries potentially impacted

The data collected through RASFF show multiple origin for several products.

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