vendredi 13 mars 2015

Norovirus in mollusks : two new alerts from the RASFF

Two new alerts have been posted on the RASFF [Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed] in March 2015 for mollusks contaminated by Norovirus.

Norovirus and Clams

Once again, vietnamese clams have been caught in the nest by EU authorities for a contamination by norovirus. They were rejected at border. This is the third alert on vietnamese clams this year only. It amounted 26 alerts in 2014 for the same products (clams) from the same origin (Vietnam).

Norovirus and Oysters

French oysters were controlled positive for norovirus for the second time this year, adding up to the five alerts on french produce in 2014.

There is also an ongoing ban from Hong Kong on irish oysters contaminated with norovirus.

More information on RASFF 2014 virus Alerts can be found at

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