dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Blueberries Production in Ukraine

Blueberries and Ukraine's Exportation

According to Fruit-inform.com, Ukraine's exports totaled just 8,700 tons in July-December 2014, a decrease of 14% year-on-year.

EU leads the importation

fruit-inform.com relates that the EU countries traditionally have been the leaders in imports of Ukrainian frozen blueberries

Poland and the Netherlands led in imports in the first half of the season 2013/14. However, in the same period of this season, Czech Republic became the second largest importer thanks to purchase of a large Ukrainian processor of berries, which had previously accounted for about 5% of Ukraine's total exports of frozen blueberries. 

Poland managed to remain the leader in imports, Italy ranked third, and the Netherlands were just the fourth largest purchaser. 

Ukrainian blueberries and quality 

Based on RASFF information norovirus (genogroup II) was found in frozen blueberries from France, with raw material from Ukraine, via Cyprus. Reference: 2015.1419

In 2013, RASFF also posted an alert on mixed berries contaminated with Hepatitis A virus with raw material from Ukraine and other countries.

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