lundi 21 décembre 2015

Norovirus and moroccan strawberries

Morocco, 5th world-wide exporter of strawberries

7% of the world production of strawberries originates from Morocco. 95% are exported to Europe. 

In front of Morocco is Spain who exported 355,000 tons followed by Mexico (266,000 tons), USA (164,000 tons) and China (128,000 tons) according to figures from the Moroccan Minister of Agriculture.  

Strawberries and Norovirus

Since 2012, Rasff posted 7 alerts with strawberries contaminated by norovirus, whose 2 were registered in 2015. 

Contamination originated from large producers such as China (4 out of 7). 

The norovirus alert posted this week for moroccan strawberries is the first for this country and this product. 

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