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Ceeram - Hepatitis A Assay

Hepatitis A Assay

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Hepatitis A assays have been developed in parallel with the draft standard and optimized for routine analysis.
Microbiology of Food and Animal Feed: Detection of Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus in Foodstuffs
Part 1: Quantitative Determination
Part 2: Qualitative Determination
which was developed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CENTG275/WG6/TAG4).

Hepatitis A Diagnostic Kits

ceeramTools all-in-one real time qRT-PCR diagnostic kit for HEPATITIS A comes complete with Mastermix, Probes, Primers, Negative and Positive Control, as well as Internal Positive Control (IPC).

Method of choice for Hepatitis A Detection

Molecular techniques (real-time qRT-PCR) are the methods of choice for Hepatitis A detection after extraction and purification of RNA from the sample.

Hepatitis A Assay Specificity and Sensitivity

hepatitisA@ceeramTools qRT-PCR assays detect all genotypes with a high sensitivity (1 to 10 copies). Download our Hepatitis A Assay Flyer.

Pack CEN with Hepatitis A, Norovirus GI, Norovirus GII, and mengoVirus

hepatitisA@ceeramTools, norovirusGI@ceeramTools, norovirusGII@ceeramTools, mengovirus@ceeramTools qRT-PCR assays are proposed in one complete pack for Food samples (Ref. KPFV1) and Environmental samples (Ref. KPEV1).

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