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Ceeram -Norovirus Assays

Norovirus Assays

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Norovirus assays have been developed in parallel with the draft standard and optimized for routine analysis.
Microbiology of Food and Animal Feed: Detection of Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus in Foodstuffs
Part 1: Quantitative Determination
Part 2: Qualitative Determination
which was developed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN TG275/WG6/TAG4).

Norovirus Diagnostic Kits

ceeramTools all-in-one real time qRT-PCR diagnostic kit for NOROVIRUS comes complete with Mastermix, Probes, Primers, Negative and Positive Control, as well as Internal Positive Control (IPC).

Method of choice for Norovirus Detection

Molecular techniques (real-time qRT-PCR) are the methods of choice for Norovirus detection after extraction and purification of RNA from the sample.

Norovirus Assay Specificity and Sensitivity

norovirusGI@ceeramTools and norovirusGII@ceeramTools qRT-PCR assays detect all genotypes with a high sensitivity (1 to 10 copies). Download our Norovirus Assay Flyer.

Pack CEN with Norovirus GI, Norovirus GII, Hepatitis A and mengoVirus

norovirusGI@ceeramTools, norovirusGII@ceeramTools, hepatitisA@ceeramTools, mengovirus@ceeramTools qRT-PCR assays are proposed in one complete pack for Food samples (Ref. KPFV1) and Environmental samples (Ref. KPEV1).
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