lundi 10 mars 2014

Foodborne Viruses and European Alerts in 2014

Norovirus leading Foodborne Virus contamination

Since January 2014, fifteen foodborne virus alerts have been registered in the European Alert System (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed - RASFF), with 100% concerning Norovirus.


Mollusks ahead of Fruits for foodborne contamination

Foodborne viruses are mainly searched in Fruits and Mollusks (bivalve mollusks), and mollusks account for 93% of these contaminations for the first two months of 2014.


Norovirus Versus Hepatitis A Virus

In 2014, Norovirus accounts for all contamination whilst only for 69% in 2013.


Norovirus and countries of origin

Five countries have been implicated so far with Tunisia with the greatest number of products tested positive. Vietnam comes second with 3 alerts. Netherlands, Poland and Spain with one alert each close the list of products' origins.

Foodborne viruses in 2013

Find out more about 2013 foodborne virus alerts through RASFF

Foodborne viruses and Norovirus Detection in Food

Ceeram offers a range of molecular detection kits for identifying Foodborne viruses surch as norovirus GI, norovirus GII, hepatitis A Virus in food samples. Find out more at

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